PoseTrack Challenge PoseTrack Dataset and Benchmark


  • The full PoseTrack18 dataset is available for download! The evaluation server is now open for submissions.
  • The PoseTrack 2018 Challenge Leaderboard is now public.
  • The evaluation server for the PoseTrack Challenge is now online. The results can be submitted through the PoseTrack website.
  • The evaluation server for the DensePose-PoseTrack Challenge is now online.


PoseTrack is a large-scale benchmark for human pose estimation and articulated tracking in video. We provide a publicly available training and validation set as well as an evaluation server for benchmarking on a held-out test set. The benchmark is a basis for the challenge competitions at ICCV'17 and ECCV'18 workshops.

Dense annotations on a subset of PoseTrack sequences are provided here by the DensePose team.

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Key Figures

  • > 1356 video sequences
  • > 46K annotated video frames
  • > 276K body pose annotations
  • Two challenges: "Multi-Person Pose Estimation" and "Multi-Person Pose Tracking"

PoseTrack is a joint project of the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, University of Bonn and the PoseTrack team.


Data annotation has been supported by Playment.


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